dwpdx snapshots!


we had the best time, craftin' it up at our make it workshop, portfolios for you!

great work, design week portland go-ers!

missed out? check out the tinier, extended version of this workshop here.


Precious Bugarin has a really awesome toolkit. Portfolio workshop at #dwpdx.

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Portfolio workshop! #dwpdx #psugd

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it was also so lovely seeing many familiar and new faces at our open house. 

thank you to all of you who came to say hi!


client profile: stephanie of socialkraft


fall is upon us, which is a sign that its time for us to introduce you to one of our fantastic clients once again. this month, we would love you to meet stephanie gorman of socialkraft.

over the years, precious has had the pleasure of working with stephanie, who provides unique services to children all around portland. precious is lucky to have her as a client and friend.

what is it that you do and what makes your craft unique?
Hi. I am Stephanie Gorman of Socialkraft. I provide social skills coaching for children, teens and young adults with a variety of disabilities but primarily those  on the Autism Spectrum. I am able to provide these specialized services in an environment that makes the most sense for my client and their needs. It  might be necessary to offer lessons in a clients home with their parents, provide supports in their school setting, in a social group with same aged peers  or out in the community. This customized approach nurtures the skills needed where they are needed.

how did you discover your passion? how did you get to where you are now in your profession?
I graduated with a degree in Display and Exhibit Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. For several years after, I enjoyed doing  window displays for Barneys New York. Due to family circumstances, I needed to move to San Francisco and once there decided that I would take a  break from retail and try my hand at some work that was more 'soul centered'. Shortly thereafter, I ended up falling into my line of work (over 20+ years  ago) and have never looked back. During those early years, Autism was rarely talked about.  I can still remember the first child I worked with and how intrigued I was at how differently he perceived and experienced the world.  It was such a creative challenge to help bridge the gap of communication and  understanding for him and those around him. When those social connections were made, a passion was sparked and I knew I had found what I wanted to do. 


how has working with precious impacted your business?
When I first met Precious over 8 years ago, I was blown away by her keen eye and clean aesthetic in design. I knew right away that if I ever had graphic design needs, she was the gal for me.  When I decided to start my business Socialkraft, I immediately thought of Precious and knew I wanted her to create my branding and website. I thoroughly enjoyed the design process with her and appreciated her walking me through what was needed in a warm and caring way. The confidence I had in Precious to help create and market my brand, allowed me to focus on the other elements of starting and eventually growing my business. 

What does the future hold for you?
In the past few years of being a business owner, I realized that my website and marketing plan needed a facelift and content revamp. This was due to my own coming to understand, in depth, what it is that I offer to clients and their families and how I now want to share that information.  Once I made this decision, there was no question Precious was going to be at the forefront of this next chapter of revamping Socialkraft. I'm not exactly sure what the future holds for myself and Socialkraft, but I cannot imagine doing anything other than more of what it is that I already do!

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learn more about socialkraft  here.