this n' that, what i'm loving now

this n' that, or what i'm loving on pinterest

this idea: card of the day
my mentor paul tsang launched a new site and shop including a card design you can purchase each day. the designs + images are thoughtfully simple. my fav is the first one + the message.
you gotta start somewhere, yes!

this dress
in 2010 i watched a short documentary on ports 1961 and gained an appreciation for their process + clothing. this dress is from their resort 2015 collection and i love the swing of it. if only i was taller!

this project: water gardens
terrariums, nah! on to water gardens! in all this portland heat, water on my window would be a nice change from all the succulents here (though i love them so). i’m gonna start one, i will…here’s a how to from martha stewart, martha stewart image found on worldingreen

this lady, who is she?
it's gaby! she was my intern years ago and now's she's back as my assistant and all around support system in the studio. she'll be sharing things on the blog and working on projects with me. more from G soon!