client profile: linnea osterberg, photographer


the month flew by and it is time for us to introduce you to another one of our sources of inspiration, our client, linnea osterberg.

linnea is not just an ordinary portrait photographer. there is magic in her work and it happens in the spark between she and her subjects. her personality brings out the honest, joyful beauty of children, which allows her to also capture the complex nature of childhood.

what is it that you do and what makes your craft unique?
I make black and white portraits of children and families. One big thing that separates me from other photographers is that I have stayed true to film and traditional wet darkroom prints made by hand. I absolutely love the idea that portraits I am making right now are being printed as my grandparents' portraits were. That link to our past is what portraits are all about, right?

how did you discover your passion?
I sort of stumbled into it. I had wanted to learn how to make a nice portrait for a long time. I never imagined that desire would turn into my livelihood! I took an intro adult school class at PCC and practiced a lot on the kids I babysat. As my graduate school career came to a close, I realized I really wanted to purse photography. And I did!

how did you get to where you are now in your profession?
Hard work! I have a mentor who has helped me all along the way. He took me under his wing in 2001 and I certainly wouldn't be where I am without him. (Thanks, Ray Bidegain.) I also received lots of sound business advice from Jackie B. Peterson at the Small
Business Development Center at PCC.

how has working with precious impacted your business?
Precious understands my aesthetic, my clientele, and my goals. She has an uncanny ability to look at my work and create pieces that say exactly what I want them to. I feel more confident passing out a professionally designed piece rather than a Word doc printed on my printer.
And my clients like it, too.

What does the future hold for you?
I hope I have lots more portrait making to look forward to.
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learn more about linnea and view her work on here.