a collaboration between design, education, and service


We're developing a project; where a design studio also functions as a classroom. A student becomes a leader and a nonprofit organization transforms through branding. 

Our project is a collaboration between design, education, and service. It is part accelerator, part design lab. In it, Precious Bugarin Design helps build capacity through the process and development of a new brand for selected nonprofit organizations.

Students will work directly with our selected organizations through internship opportunities. They will develop their conceptual, design, and presentation skills as they shadow our designers and solve creative problems.

Through a combination of donated design services and funds from potential sponsors, we hope to provide organizations generous breaks on our design fees.

With this project we aim to support nonprofit organizations that serve people through our design skills. By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we invest in the next generation of designers to do the same. 


what it’s all about 

Service Design
Our team of designers and interns work towards branding / rebranding selected organizations and teaching them about solving problems using the design process.

Service Learning
Educational opportunities are offered to students to actively participate in the branding of an organization and to encourage service design in the next generation.

Partnership and Collaboration
Organizations, businesses, and students work alongside one another to achieve common goals.

Social Change
We support organizations that work towards social change. We believe everyone has a right to: Fair and equal housing / Access to nutritious food / A quality education / A safe and supportive environment to grow and learn / And so much more...

this project is under development.

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The Alliance for Nonprofit Management National Conference workshop guide


Thoughtful branding and well designed promotional materials have the potential to elevate and clarify the message of a nonprofit organization, expose them to a greater funding base, and instill a sense of pride within the staff and the people that they serve. 

Working with a design firm, ad agency, or independent designer is unfortunately out of financial reach for many nonprofits. Quality graphic design work should not be a luxury for organizations that serve the greater good—they deserve the same branded, visual sophistication as a corporation.